5 Tips That Help Last-Minute Dudes Plan Awesome Trips


“The Dude abides.” This quote does more than reference a favorite cult film. It helps outline the seemingly laid-back approach to how a ‘dude’ approaches life. Any dude, for that matter, may one day decide that he needs a way to get away for a bit, and he’ll ask himself, “How do I plan my trip?” Unlike the rest of us, though, a dude doesn’t stress out over travel details and sees what pans out.

Here are five tips an awesome trip can come together for the proverbial ‘dude’ in all of us:

1. Enjoy the Staycation and Be A Local Tourist – Think about it. How well do you know your own city? Why not make your vacation a local jaunt around town? You can save serious time and money this way as well. Moreover, check out your city website for any traveler cards & discount entry passes for local sites.

2. Keep Close and Travel Regionally – Exploring your own region gets overlooked all the time. You’d be surprised how much there is to see in a fairly short driving distance. Check out the bookstore for guidebooks or check out your local library for some free research, and see what there is to see in your area.

3. Traveling to A National Park Can Save You Money – Enjoy the great outdoors and go camping for a little bit of money in U.S. national parks. Bring your own supplies and tent, and if you eat light, your food bill will be pretty low.

4. Think Outside the Box and Don’t Fight the Crowds – Traveling off peak is an ideal way for anyone to save money on travel, as well as find less problems fighting off large groups of tourists. Finding alternative trips also allows you a chance to explore a culture that is similar but also venture beyond the usual world travel itineraries. There’s nothing like heading off the beaten path a bit.

5. Grab a Cheap Flight – You don’t have to play a guessing game for a cheap flight from home. You can look up a whole list of flights online. Pack light, pick a place based on your available cash, and let adventure take you away.

So, how does a dude answer the question. “How do I plan my trip?” Simply put, travel is just going somewhere new &different and exploring everything. Take note and think differently.

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